The World Migration Policy Toolkit draws upon the extensive research and analysis in the World Migration Report to deliver tailored tools and resources for use by key audiences, such as policy officers working on migration. 

The World Migration Report is the flagship publication series of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the United Nations migration agency. The Report presents data and information on human migration together with analysis of complex and emerging migration issues. It has been in production since 2000 and is produced every 2 years. Because of its global focus, the Toolkit uses content from around the world to support those working in policy or related fields regardless of their location. Just like the Report itself, this Toolkit has been peer reviewed by migration policy officials and other experts to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.


Policy Toolkit Development

IOM’s Migration Research Division partnered with the Graduate Institute’s Global Migration Centre to develop this toolkit for policy, particularly on the initial phase involving gathering insights from policy officials currently working in the field of migration from around the world. The project received  support from the Geneva Science-Policy Interface via its 2021 competitive funding round.

Prior to work starting on the Toolkit, the Global Migration Centre gathered insights from policy officers during September/October 2021 about their use of migration knowledge products. Policy officer respondents were asked general questions about their access to and use of such products, as well as their specific experiences with the World Migration Report series. Insights were gathered from 26 policy officers working on migration from 19 countries, including those in capitals and at Missions to the UN in Geneva. A summary of insights is available.

We hope that this Policy Toolkit will be of great use to you and your colleagues. For more information, you can access the World Migration Report and view the data visualization. More information about migration research is also available through IOM's website. You can contact us via

For those looking for tools and resources on the fundamentals of migration—the who, what, where, why, how and when of migration—we suggest you access the Educators’ Toolkit, which includes modules on all of these aspects, as well as several thematic modules.