As the global reference report on migration, the World Migration Report provides key data and information on migration and migrants both at the global level and at the regional level, according to the United Nations 6 geographic regions. These two core chapters of the report and supplemented by the Interactive Platform, which allows users to access specific regional and country-level data, such as top five destinations (and number of migrants) for every country.

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Global Trends

Chapter 2 of the report provides an overview of global data and trends on international migrants (stocks) and international migration (flows). It also provides a discussion of particular migrant groups – namely, migrant workers, refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons – as well as of international remittances. In addition, the chapter refers to the existing body of IOM programmatic data, particularly on missing migrants, assisted voluntary returns and reintegration, resettlement, and displacement tracking. While these data are generally not global or representative, they can provide insights into changes that have occurred in relevant IOM programming and operations globally.

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Regional Dimensions and Trends

Following the global overview, Chapter 3 provides a discussion of key regional dimensions of, and developments in, migration. The discussion focuses on six world regions as identified by the United Nations: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Northern America, and Oceania. For each of these regions, the analysis includes: (a) an overview and brief discussion of key population-related statistics; and (b) succinct descriptions of “key features and developments” in migration in the region, based on a wide range of data, information and analyses, including from international organizations, researchers and analysts. To account for the diversity of migration patterns, trends and issues within each of the six regions, along with descriptive narratives of “key features and recent developments”, are presented at the subregional level.

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Interactive Platform

The World Migration Report Interactive is a digital platform that draws on the report series and presents the latest report edition (2022) in a visually engaging and interactive way. The microsite increases the utility and accessibility of the report's analytical content by making it possible for anyone interested in migration to interact with the data to identify key migration trends and patterns quickly and easily - and then access additional information in the full (pdf) report. Access the interactive.

The Interactive platform and the pdf version of the report have been recognized in several international awards, such as the 2021 International Annual Report Design Awards (iada), the 2021 iNOVA awards and the 2022 WSIS Prizes.